Photography Exhibitions


"Gift from Roonee",

Special Exhibition at Roonee 247 fine arts in Tokyo, 2020.12.15 - 12.27 : JAPAN


Solo Exhibition at Pictorico Shop & Gallery Omotesando in Tokyo, 2020.10.21 - 10.25 : JAPAN

"Angel Heart",

Solo Exhibition collaborated with "Mouning Screening for Alan Parker" at revival house Shin-Bungeiza in Tokyo

2020.9.12 : JAPAN

"The Big Picture Colorado"

Outside exhibition curated by Mark Sink at Derby Art District, in Denver, Colorado, 2020/7/30 - : U.S.A.

"Shot Glass",

Exhibition with Sarahi Caballero, curated by Irma Sofia Porter at Galería de la Ciudad ICBC Tecate in Tecate

2020/2/20 - 5/20 : MEXICO

"Angel Heart",

Solo exhibition at CECUT- Centro Cultural Tijuana in Tijuana, 2020/2/13 - 8/2 :MEXICO




Group exhibition curated by Sophie Cavaliero at Galerie ARGENTIC in Paris, 2019/6/6 - 7/27 " FRANCE


Group exhibition curated by Sophie Cavaliero at Ibasho Gallery in Antwerpen, 2019/6/1 - 8/4 : BELGIUM

"9 stories",

Group exhibition at Gallery Lara Tokyo, as a part of "Roppongi Art Night" in Tokyo, 2019/5/25 : JAPAN

"The Big Picture Colorado",

Outside exhibition curated by Mark Sink at The Temple Contemporary Artist Haven, in Denver, Colorado, 2019/4/9 - : U.S.A.

"The Big Picture Colorado",

Outside exhibition curated by Mark Sink, at 40 West Arts Gallery in Denver, Colorado, 2019/3/19 - : U.S.A.


"Annual Gala for the Alliance Française de Los Angeles",

Public auction curated by Beatrice Chessepot, for Alliance Francaise de Los Angeles in Los Angeles, Callifornia

2018/11/10 : U.S.A. 

"Center Forward 2018",

Exhibition curated by Hamidah Glasgow & Kris Graves  at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado

2018/9/7 - 9/29 : U.S.A.

"Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy",

Solo Exhibition collaborated with "Gary Oldman's Film Screening" at revival house Shin-Bungeiza in Tokyo

2018/4/21 : JAPAN



Solo Exhibition at Gallery Lara Tokyo in Tokyo, 2018/2/2 - 2/18 : JAPAN


"8e Rendez-Vous Image",

Photo and Book Exhibition at Photo Festival, Strasbourg, 2018/1/26 - 1/28 : FRANCE


"Review Santa Fe Photo Festival",

Selected 1 of 100 photographers for Photo Review by Center, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2017/10/25 - 10/29 : U.S.A.



Group exhibition related to "Alter Image", at Les Docks Village, Marseille, 2017/10/20 - 11/4 : FRANCE


"Pairing : Art & Sake"
Group exhibition with Sake sommelier Kaori Matsui, at Gallery Lara Tokyo, Tokyo, 2017/9/26 - 10/1 : JAPAN

"Photo Independent 2017",

Exhibition at Photo Art Fair at The Reef, Los Angeles, 2017/4/21 - 4/23 : U.S.A.



Group Exhibition curated by Kio Griffith, at Santa Monica Art Studios, Santa Monica , 2017/4/17 - 5/6 : U.S.A.

"6th Emon Award",

Exhibition & Presentation at Emon Photo Gallery in Tokyo, 2017/2/18 - 2/25 : JAPAN


"7e Rendez-Vous Image",

Exhibition at Photo Festival in Strasbourg, 2017/1/27 - 1/29 : FRANCE


"Marfa Open",

Exhibitins at Photo Festival in Marfa, Texas, 2016/10/2 - 10/9 : U.S.A.

"El Largo Adios",

Solo outside exhibition at "CEART Tecate", Tecate, 2016/7/29 - 9/30 : MEXICO

"The Ultimate First Experience, Vol.1",

The International group exhibition at  HS-LAB in Mihara, Hiroshima, 2016/7/30 - 8/30 : JAPAN

"Photo Independent 2016",

Exhibition at Photo Art Fair at Raleigh Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles , 2016/4/29 - 5/1 : U.S.A.

"Whispered Voice",

Solo exhibition at The Hanger Gallery, Santa Monica Art Studios, Santa Monica, 2016/4/9 - 5/7 : U.S.A.


"RAW: an exploration of the unframed printLarge International Group Exhibit",

Exhibition at LACDA Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, Los Angeles,  2016/3/17 - 4/9 : U.S.A.




"Snap to Grid",

Exhibition at LACDA Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, Los Angeles, 2015/12/10 - 2016/1/2 : U.S.A.


"0+1/2" ,

Exhibition at HS-LAB & "MAT - "Mihara Arte en el Templo", Mihara, Hiroshima, 2015/11/27 - 12/26 : JAPAN


“A Celebration of Art & Music”,

Exhibition and silent auction for The Art of Elysium, presented by Environment, Los Angeles, 2015/6/3 : U.S.A.  


“Q1 Show, The Billboard Creative”,

Billboard exhibition in Hollywood, Los Angeles, 2015/4/25 - 5/15 : U.S.A.




"MAT - Mihara Arte en el Templo",

Exhibition at temples and old traditional house in Hiroshima, 2014/12/5 - 12/7 : JAPAN


Foto des Tages Spezial von Dai Ito”,

Exhibition in the subway U-Bahn & S-Bahn in Berlin & Munich, 2014/10/15 - 10/19 : GERMANY

Photo Book Publications



Photography book of "Neko-Project" edited by Sophie Cavaliero, featuring cat photography by Japanese photographers.

Published and distributed by iKi edition.

Published & Printed on 2019/6/6 : FRANCE



Photography book featuring my series "Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy", edited and designed by Kio Griffith.

Distributed by Inumimi Bunko, managed by Gallery Lara Tokyo.

Published & Printed on 2017/10/17 : U.S.A.

Photography Publications


CNR TV Noticias, Tecate
Introduced the exhibition with Sarahi Caballero "Shot Glass", on TV program at CNR TV Noticias.
Tecate, 2020.2.18 : MEXICO

Newspaper "El Imparcial, Tijuana" by Frontera
My exhibition "Angel Heart" and its opening reception was published on the newspaper "El Imparcial, Tijuana".
Tijuana, 2020.2.16 : MEXICO

"Tercera Llamada", PSN in Tijuana,

TV program "Tercera Llyamada" at PSN introduced my exhibition "Angel Heart".

Tijuana, 2020.2.12 : MEXICO

Interview at CECUT
Video interview at CECUT. This interview is for promoting my exhibiton "Angel Heart" at same place.

Tijuana, 2020.2.11 : MEXICO


"be-Art magazine",

Beatrice Chassepot, Art Consultant, Freelance Art Critic wrote an article,

about myself and my work "Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy" as Emerging Artist, on "be-Art magazine" art curation website. 

Edited by Beatrice Chassepot, Los Angeles, 2017/5/28 : U.S.A.

"Silvershotz" Volume 11 Edition 7,

Australia and UK based photography online magazine "Silvershotz" featured my work "The Long Goodbye",

as one of the photographers who took part in Photo Independent 2017.

Edited by Clive Waring, Queensland, 2017/4/5 : Australia

"Fotografia Na Internet",

Photography blog with the article "Como diferenciar a fotografia profissional da amadora".

Edited by Roberto da Costa, based in Brazil, 2017/2/5 : BRAZIL


"Visions Libres #11, Urban Poetry",

International art collection web magazine edited by Louisa Dawn, based in Frankfurt, Germany, 2016/6/3 : GERMANY



 Cynthia Lum mentioned my work in the article about "Photo Independent - The International Exposition of Contemporary Photography". 2016/5/2 : U.S.A.

"Visions Libres #10, Screaming Up to Life",

International art collection web magazine edited by Louisa Dawn, based in Frankfurt, Germany, 2016/3/3 : GERMANY

Photography Awards


Alter Image 2017, curated by Rendez-Vous Image Photo Festival in Strasbourg,

1st Award : FRANCE


6th Emon Award 8 Finalists Exhibition at Emon Photo Gallery, Tokyo,

Audience Award : JAPAN


Moscow International Foto Awards 2015, Competition,

Honorable Mention in Category Professional - Fine Art - Abstract : RUSSIA


International Photography Awards 2015, Competition,

Honorable Mention in Category Professional - Fine Art - Other : U.S.A.


PX3, Prix De La Photographie Paris 2015, Competition,

2 Honorable Mentions in Category Professional - Fine Art - Landscape and Still Life : FRANCE


“White Color Trilogy, Photography Competition”, by PX3, Prix De La Photographie Paris,

Honorable Mention : FRANCE




PX3, Prix De La Photographie Paris 2014, Competition,

Honorable Mention in Category Non Professional - Fine Art - Other: FRANCE




International Photography Awards 2013, Competition,

3 Honorable Mentions in Category Non Professional - Special - Other_S & Fine Art - Other_FA : U.S.A.


Photography Workshops or Conference


"Photography as Films, with a Silent Soundtrack",

Conference and give a speech at Universidad Autonoma de Durango-Campus Tijuana, Tijuana, 2020/2/13 : MEXICO



"Workshop for Black and White Photograph",

As a part of the group exhibition "0+1/2" at HS-LAB, Mihara, Hiroshima, 2015/11/29 : JAPAN



Photography Works


Safari Orchestra,

The 21st Concert at Kioi Hall, Tokyo, Postcard and Flyer, 2014/10/11 : JAPAN


Hospital Art Project” Presented by G.Planning,

Interior photographs of the Niigata National Hospital, Niigata : JAPAN


“Private Seat 2nd Season, No.89”,

Magazine of the actor Takao Osawa official club, photos of his event in Tokyo, 2014/6 : JAPAN




“Te to Te Rotterdam”,

Poster photo for Charity Program for Japan,

As a part of Dunya Festival at Het Park in Rotterdam, 2011/5/29 : THE NETHERLANDS


Mai Miyake, Portfolio Website : JAPAN


International Institute for Educational Therapy,

Photo for its pamphlet : JAPAN