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Film Awards as 6nin


Les Festival des Très Courts,

“Studio Multimedia Animation 2D/3D” Award : FRANCE


NHK Digital Studium,

Best Selection : JAPAN


Asia Digital Art Prize,

Winning Work : JAPAN



Workshops as 6nin


“World of M.C. Escher -Challenge Escher with Computer Graphics-”,

Iwaki City Museum : JAPAN


“Image par Image” hosted by Centre des Arts in Val d’oise,

Workshop and work presentation in Animation Film Festival Centres des Arts in Val d‘oise : FRANCE



Animation Works as 6nin


Pink Ribbon Campaign” Commercial Movie,

Animation for promoting the early detection of breast cancer. : JAPAN


“Nanami’s Zoo”,

Designs and Animations, NHK’s TV Program for small Children. : JAPAN



Demo Animation for Calbee’s potato snack : JAPAN




French Conversation”,

Title Sequence for NHK Educational TV Program : JAPAN


Love Story - Why We Are Not Alone”,

Animation for the special exhibition at The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation : JAPAN


“Labyrinth Museum”,

Insertion animation for NHK TV program : JAPAN


“Mirrorball Love”,

Music Clip of Kennji Jammer : JAPAN




Animation Movies for “Panasonic CQ Website, Poetry Movies”,

“One Morning” & “Dreamtellers” : JAPAN



Film Festival Screenings as 6nin


Zoe’s Project : U.S.A.


BAC! 11.0 : SPAIN




Optronica, Big in Japan : U.K.


Japanese October in Ravenna : ITALY



Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Panorama : FRANCE


Les Festival des Très Courts : FRANCE


Festival Nemo #7 : FRANCE


Curtas Vila do Conde : PORTUGAL


Lisbon Nippon Koma : PORTUGAL


International Young Film and Video Festival Imago, Competition : PORTUGAL


The 5th Nippon Connection : GERMANY


Foundation for Art and Creative Technology : U.K.


Venice International Short Film Festival : ITALY


The 7th International Short Film Festival of Baltic Sea Countries, ”TINKLAI” : LITHUANIA


Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, Comeptition : U.S.A.


The 16th Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival : BRASIL


The 10th Tehran International Short Film Festival : IRAN


Beyond 2005 : SINGAPORE


Short Short Osaka “Visual Design Shorts” : JAPAN




Rencontres Audiovisuelles International Short Film Festival, Competition : FRANCE


Edinburgh International Film Festival, “Mirrorball Japan” : U.K.


20th Interfilm Short Film Festival Berlin, Competition : GERMANY


Cinanima Panorama : PORTUGAL


Thai Short Film and Video Festival, Competition : THAILAND


NHK Digital Studium : JAPAN


Asia Digital Art Prize : JAPAN


Resfest Japan Tour : JAPAN




Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Panorama : FRANCE


Forum des Image - Les Nouvelles Images du Japon : FRANCE


Onedotzero 7 - J Star : U.K.


Peaceful Film Festival in Osaka : JAPAN


Tokyo Designers Block : JAPAN


Visual Clip Days in Ex'realm Cafe : JAPAN




Resfest World Tour : USA


BBB2002 Music Clip Directors Contest : JAPAN


Sony Music Entertainment Morrich Creators Awards, Prize for “Life is Music” Category : JAPAN



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