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When I am taking photographs I feel like I am making another form of music or films. I consider my photographic pieces to be similar to short films. Perhaps it’s the experience that I gained while I was working in music and in independent animation films, before I started to take photographs, that creates this feeling.


For me, the feeling of the compression and expansion of time are similar to musical composition, and the feeling captured from imagining the whole story in after-images comprising a mosaic of shots and trivial incidences out of frame, is similar to the feeling that comes from filmmaking. Photographs can capture a fixed point in time in the real world, as a frame, and writing allows us to move freely, beyond time and space. The combination of these two can bring about unseen stories and time not experienced. I would like you to enjoy my photographs as if they were short films, without a cinematic timeline, with a silent soundtrack.


• • •


写真を使った作品は、ショート・フィルムの様なものだと思っている。 写真を撮り始める前から音楽と映像に関わっていた事もあり、カメラを使って写真を撮ってはいるが、どちらかと言えば音楽と映像を別の形で制作しているような感覚があるからだろう。



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