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HS-LAB, ex cinema theatre, photo by Hiroshi Shimamura


Placement of "The Long Goodbye"


Juan Cardosa's works, photo by Hiroshi Shimamura

Hiroshi Shimamura's installation work, photo by Hiroshi Shimamura

Painting of Minoru Mukouta, photo by Hiroshi Shimamura

Photo workshop

I exhibited my work "The Long Goodbye" at a group exhibition "0+1/2" at HS-LAB in Mihara, Hiroshima, with Japanese painter Hiroshi Shimamura, also Juan Cardosa who is a designer and collage artist in Barcelona, Spain, also Japanese painter Mionoru Mukouta. This exhibition was also a part of the art festival MAT (Mihara Arte en el Templo in Hiroshima), which I participated in 2014, and HS-LAB is ex film theatre, might be a one of the best place for my works.


In this exhibition I held a workshop for black and white photograph at the 29th November 2015. It was a little bit different from the workshop so called "Workshop for Photographers", and was like shooting and showing each photos without technical augments, but with artistic approach. The purpose of this workshop was finding the difference in the artist's mind, between artwork and record. I could see various works and approaches of each participants there, and was really fun and great experience for me. Thanks to Hiroshi Shimamura!


Also this show was broadcasted by Hiroshima Home TV at 18:56, on 18th December 2016. In this program, the governor of Hiroshima prefecture, and the mayor of Hiroshima visited our exhibition. They saw and talked with Hiroshi Shimamura the director and curator of this show, and Spanish artist Juan Caldosa for introducing our show.




Exhibition Title





Dai Ito

- Photograph / Tokyo, Japan


Hiroshi Shimamura

- Painting / Mihara, Japan


Juan Cardosa

- Collage / Barcelona, Spain


Minoru Mukouta

- Painting / Kyoto, Japan





- Cinepatio 2F, 1-7-16 Minato-Machi, Mihara, Hiroshima, Japan


- 2015/11/27 - 12/26

Gallery Hours

- 11:00 - 18:00



Related Event

- MAT 2015

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