"Shot Glass" at Galeria de la Ciudad ICBC Tecate

"Shot Glass"

Galería de la Ciudad ICBC Tecate

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Sarahi, Irma, Me

“Shot Glass” was a collaboration project with artists in Tecate, Mexico. The collaborators were Sarahi Caballero who is a photographer, René Arturo Crosthwaite and Daniel Reveles who are musicians, also this project was supported by very talented artist Irma Sofia Poeter who had her retrospective exhibition at CECUT in Tijuana. The exhibition was held at Galería de la Ciudad ICBC Tecate, Tecate, Mexico.

It was so exciting to have an exhibiton with them, trying experimental things not only photograph but also music and recording. Thank you so much all of you.

You can see and read about the work "Shot Glass" here.

Exhibition Title

- "Shot Glass"


- 2020.2.20 - 5.20

Opening Reception

- 2020/2/20

- 18:30


- Galería de la Ciudad ICBC Tecate

- Calle Ortiz Rubio y Callejón Libertad s/n Tecate, Baja California, Mexico

- +52 (665) 654 1483 and 654 7149

- icbctecate@hotmail.com

Collaboration with,

- Sarahi Caballero

- René Arturo Crosthwaite

- Daniel Reveles

Supported by

- Irma Sofia Poeter

English traslation helped by

- Robin Dahlberg