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"From Another Room"


©2022 Dai Ito - All rights reserved.

"From Another Room"


- Photography & Text

- Dai Ito

Editorial direction

- Sophie Cavallero

- Olivier Desrousseaux


Graphic Design

- Olivier Desrousseaux

- Mezzanine



Published by

- Chibi Association



Printed by

- Ciscom - Roubaix



With the support of

- CHIBI association



Published on

- 2022.9



- 156 Pages

- 104 Images

- 18 x 18.5cm

- Printed in France


- 35 Euros

Buy from here
- Japan
- Europe, US and other countries


- Chibi Association

- Olivier Desrousseaux

- Mezzanine

- Chibi Association

- Ciscom, Roubaix



Facebook Page

- Olivier Desrousseaux

- Ciscom, Roubaix


- Olivier Desrousseaux

- Ciscom, Roubaix

My book "From Another Room" is published from Chibi Association in France, directed by Sophie Cavallero and Olivier Desrousseaux. This book is a pair book with “My Favorite Things” by Olivier Desrousseaux. These two books are the international project through photographs and music between France and Japan, directed by Chibi Associations. I selected 67 music songs and tunes from various genres of music, classical, Jazz, Pops & Rock, Techno, Ambient and so on, and paired my photo base works as its CD jackets or artwork inside the sleeves. I hope all of music lover and photograph, also art lover would enjoy the books.


And this book has special photo print without signature and editions. You could order this photobook from here.



In Japan, It's going to be sell with very small number of copies in October 2022. If you would like to reserve it, please visit here.

• • •

フランスの iKi Editions から新写真集 "From Another Room" が出版されます。この写真集は Sophie Cavallero と Olivier Desrousseaux による Chibi Association 監修の元、Olivier Desrousseaux の写真集 "My Favourite Things" とのペア・ブックとして制作されました。これらの写真集は写真と音楽を通した日仏文化交流を目的としたプロジェクトです。 "From Another Room" では、クラシック、ジャズ、ポップ&ロック、テクノ、アンビエント等の多様なジャンルから67曲を選曲、それらに対して写真ベースの作品をCDジャケット or アートワークとして新たに制作、チョイスしました。様々な音楽ファンのみならず、写真、アートファンに楽しんで頂けると幸いです。


"From Another Room" には写真プリントが1枚同梱されています。





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