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©2022 Dai Ito - All rights reserved.


Photography & Text by

 - Dai Ito

Editorial direction 

Roonee 247 fine arts 


Published by

Roonee 247 fine arts 

Published on

- 2021.7.6


- 42 Pages

- 24 Images

- Printed in the Japan


- ¥2,700

Available at

Website of Roonee 247 fine arts

Photo book which is based on my solo exhibition "Futurish" at Roonee 247 fine arts in 2021.7.

You could purchase this book at Roonee 247 fine art website.

Here is the info about the exhibition "Futurish".

Here is the info about my work "Futurish".

• • •

2021年7月、Roonee 247 fine arts にて開催された Dai Ito 個展 "Futurish" の内容を収めた写真集です。Roonee 247 fine arts のウェブサイトにてご購入可能です。


展示 "Futurish" の詳細はこちら

作品 "Futurish" の詳細はこちら

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