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"The Garden is Becoming a Robe Room"

©2016 Dai Ito - All rights reserved.

Like the many times he’s watched before,

it felt like a scene from a faraway town.

Even though it’s in his view, he had no choice but to watch.

The only thing he could do was process the events and reflect.

But as he tried,

he began to suffer from a strong sense of alienation.

- Concept

The concept of "The Garden is Becoming a Robe Room" was inspired by Michael Nyman's same title musical tune, which was featured in the British film "The Draughtsman's Contract" directed by Peter Greenaway in 1982.

The photo is divided into 15 pieces like a puzzle. Because of it, the audience could find any single form and subtle traits, like a cross on the wall. It is a metaphor of the lonely man's view in the window in the story I wrote, who could see everything from a distance.


This work is the 4th part of whole exhibition at "Marfa Open" in Texas, U.S.A., 2016. With other 3 works "Memorial", "If" and "Time Lapse", they consisted bigger story like as a 1 omnibus film. The viewer can put themselves into reconstructed world by both looking at the photos and reading each stories, and also listening each beautiful music by Michael Nyman.

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- コンセプト

"The Garden is Becoming a Robe Room" は Michael Nyman 作曲の同名曲にインスパイアされた作品である。同曲は 1982年発表の Peter Greenaway 監督映画作品『英国式庭園殺人事件』(原題 "The Draughtman's Contract")のサウンドトラックとして使用されている。


本作はアメリカ、テキサスにて催されたフォト・フェスティバル "Marfa Open" における展示の、4番目の展示物であり、他の3作 "Memorial", "If", "Time Lapse"と共にオムニバス映画の様な、より大きなストーリーを構成している。鑑賞者はそれらの写真を鑑賞しつつ、ストーリーを読み、また Michael Nyman 作曲の同名曲を聴く事によって、新たに再構築された世界に入り込む事が出来る。



Opus Number



Installation Edition
About 2000 x 1000 mm. depends on the installation plans.

Pictorico, Gekko Silver Label. on 5mm or 13mm Gatorform Board, Inkjet

Edition of 3

Price - ask

Other edition prints are in preparation.

- Exhibited at "MAT III", Mihara, Hiroshima, JAPAN, 2017/6/16 - 7/16

- Exhibited at "Marfa Open", Marfa, Alpine, Terlingua, Texas, U.S.A., 2016/10/3 - 10/9

- Look on Flickr.

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