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- Concept

The concept of "Fresh" came from the title of exhibition I showed this work, "The Ultimate First Experience" at HS-LAB, Mihara Hiroshima, JAPAN in 2016. Despite of detailed regulation for sending work, this work is oversized and overweighted. But because of the flexibility of the regulation, I could try "The Ultimate First Experience" with this work, to make an object with my photograph.

"Fresh" is consisted by 5 layers of acrylic plates. Each layers except top and bottom, has signle coloured photograph on it, green, magenta, black also light blue as background. The difference between each layers made an interesting feeling to the audience.

• • •



- コンセプト

"Fresh" のコンセプトは広島県三原市のHS-LABで開催された国際アート・フェスティバル "The Ultimate First Experience" から発している。細かい作品応募規定があったものの、サイズと重量で基準外となってしまったが、運営側の柔軟な対応により出品となった。それにより、自作の写真を使用して立体を作る、というまさに "The Ultimate First Experience" な作品となった。




Opus Number


400 x 400 x 35mm

Layered acrylic plates with inkjet

Edition of 1

Price - ask

- Exhibited at "MAT III", Mihara, Hiroshima, JAPAN, 2017/7/30 - 8/3, 10/29 - 11/29

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