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Photo Book "Innuendo" is Now Available

ダイ・イトウの作品 "Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy" をベースとした、

キオ・グリフィス氏編集による作品集 "Innuendo”。

Gallery Lara Tokyo、またはネットにて販売中です。


こちらの Gallery Lara Tokyo お問い合わせページ

またはメール にてお願い致します。


Dai ito's first photo book "Innuendo" based on my work "Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy", edited & designed by Kio Griffith.

"Innuendo" is now available at Gallery Lara Tokyo, and its website.

To buy Photobook " Innuendo"...

In Japanese

- Please ask from here (Gallery Lara Tokyo, Contact website).

​In English

- Please send an email to following address with title "Dai Ito's Photobook "Innuendo"". They will send you further information.



Photography & Text, Published by

- Dai Ito​

Text, Edit, Design & Art Direction by

- Kio Griffith

Distributed by

- Inumimi Bunko

Published on

- 2017.10.17

- 35 Pages

- 30 Images

- Printed in the United States

​- ¥3,500

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