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"Neko Project" at Villa Bertelli, Fort dei Malmi, Italy

Venue, Villa Bertelli.

Her name is Principessa.

There are many posters about "Neko Project" in Fort dei Malmi.

Opening conference.

Robbon cutting with the mayor, Yulia and Sophie.

Book  signing at the venue.

We started to sell my book "From Another Room" there, with special prices.

Many people came to the opening.

My work "The Cat Guest" and others.

My another cat photo work.

The concept and explanation about the works.

My work “The Cat Guest” was exhibited at the group exhibition “Neko-Project” in Forte dei Marmi, Italy, from September 2 to October 2, 2022. At this exhibition, Chibi started sell my new book “From Another Room” at the venue, and I was there for book signing, conference and ribbon cutting. The mayor of Fort dei Malmi and the former president of the Associazione Italo-Giapponese were also there to give a greeting and speaches. We had a graet first day of the exhibtion.

• • •

作品 “The Cat Guest” がイタリア、フォート・デイ・マルミで開かれたグループ展 “Neko Project” にて展示されました。この展示会場では Chibi が写真集 “From Another Room” を発売開始するという事で、現地に現地に赴きました。当日作品集を購入して頂いたお客様にサインをしたり、TVで放映された会見、テープカットなどのオープニング・イベントに参加し、会場にはフォート・デイ・マルミの市長、前日伊協会会長も訪れ、多くの観客が来場、素晴らしい初日を迎える事が出来ました。

Exhibition Title

- "Neko-Project"

Organised by

- Yulia Riva and Sophie Cavaliero


- Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 200, 55042 Forte dei Marmi LU, Italy


- 0584 787251

- +39–584-787251


- 2022.9.2 - 10.2


- Saturday & Sunday

16:00 - 20:00

- Monday to Friday

By Reservation.

Facebook Page

- Neko-Project

- Villa Bertelli

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