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"The Cat Guest"









Listen, my sweetheart, thank you for always coming here. But you could take a little break? Like on rainy days and hot days, or you would have a day you wouldn't feel like doing anything?

No problem, I come here because I want. Your garden has very good sun exposure, and anytime I can drink fresh water from the broken tap there. Also, I can have your delicious left over sometimes. You may not know but, your garden is a pretty popular spot among us, I mean stray cats around here. So you don't have to mind about it. But please greet me when I come here, I always worry about whether you were fine or not, Ma'am.

• • •



- Concept of "The Cat Guest"
The concept for my work "The Cat Guest" is inspired by the novel of the same name (French title "Le Chat Qui Venait Du Ciel", English title "The Guest Cat"), written by Takashi Hiraide, published in 2001. The novel's story is about the days of a young couple who has moved to an old but comfortable house with beautiful garden, and a cat visits their house often.

While I read this novel, it made me remember my grandmother's house. Because cats visited her house frequently as same as the novel. The number of cat visitors has noticeably decreased these days, but still, now, one cat after another visits her house. I had the too sensitive skin for keeping animals since I was a kid, also the apartment I lived prohibited to keep any animals. These situations let me not to make my dream come true, keeping animals. So visiting my grandmother's house was precious chance to spend time with animals for me, and playing with the cats was the biggest pleasure in her house for me as well because there weren't any toys for the child in her house at all.

Now my grandmother is very old, but still, some cats visit her house, fortunately. I secretly call them "Cat Home Caregiver", actually I feel sure my grandmother is helped mentally by the cats. I've written my original story based on my imagination about the conversation between my grandmother and the cats. I mixed photos of the cats who visited my grandmother's house and some photos of important motifs in the novel "The Cat Guest". Such as a window the place where the couple met the cat for the first time, also the window has a key role through the whole story. And a pine tree, the cat's grave. I would like you to enjoy their small conversation with the photos.

• • •

- コンセプト
この作品 "The Cat Guest" は平出 隆による小説『猫の客』に触発された作品である。小説『猫の客』はある若い夫婦が間借りした古いながら居心地が良い家を、一匹の猫が訪問する日々を描いた物語である。




12” Edition
- 12" x 7.6"
- Pictorico Soft Gloss Paper, Pigment Print
- Editions of 12 + AP2

Other prints are in preparation.
Please ask me by email.


- This work is included in a book "Neko Project" which is also a group exhibitions in Europe, focused on the cat photography by Japanese photographers. 

- "Neko Project"

    Writer - Sophie Cavaliero

    Graphic Design - Sophie Cavaliero and Olivier Desrousseaux 

    Printed by - Impression Directe

    Published by Iki Edition 2019

    Softcover 20 x 20 cm

    316 Pages

    Available at Iki Edition


- "9 stories - Roppongi Art Night 2019", Gallery Lara Tokyo, Tokyo, JAPAN, 2019/5/25

- "Neko Project", Galerie ARGENTIC, Paris, FRANCE, 2019/6/6 - 7/27

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