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"Angel Heart" at CECUT


"Angel Heart"


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10 selected photos from my work "Angel Heart" were exhibited at CECUT - Centro Cultural Tijuana in Tijuana, Mexico.

This was my first solo exhibition in Mexico and was never happened without great support by Sarahi Caballero, I appreciate you literally everything, thank you so so much Sarahi. Also Francisco Godinez the director and Sinuhe Flores in CECUT helped me in many ways, appreciated you a lot. And Yadira Gutiérrez, David Maung, Jonathan Andrade who drove and brought me to deliciouis Mexican dishes in Tijuana, I couldn't move in the city witout them, thank you so much. 

Before the opening reception of the exhbition, I'd got a chance to give a workshop in Universidad Autonoma de Durango-Campus, Tijuana. I would like to say it was so joyable great time, to spend a couple of hours with the students there. The professor Fernando Quiros Andrade helped me during the workshop, also Andrea Bernal helped me a lot to translate my poor English to beautiful Spanish, thank you so much. 

Lastly, thank you so much Dra. Vianka R. Santana, the director of CECUT, to approved my project and invited me to Tijuana, also gave me many chances to meet many people in Tijuana. It was the adorable time I could be there.

Exhibition Title

- "Angel Heart"


- 2020.2.13 to 5.28 (Extended to 2021.3.31)


- CECUT - Centro Cultural Tijuana -

- Pasillo de la Fotografia Vidal Pinto

- Paseo De Los Heroes No.9350 Zona Urbana Rio, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico 

- +52 (664) 687-9600, 9650 and 9684


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- Sarahi Caballero


- El Imparcial



- Sarahi Caballero 

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