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"Shot Glass"





"You can climb into the clouds if you drink this cocktail. Actually, to be more precise, you will be able to see a ramp up into the clouds if you swallow the whole thing." He tells me this with a very solemn expression on his face. And then he starts to tell me more.

"You can go anywhere when you climb into the clouds. In fact, it’s easier to walk on clouds than it is to walk on land. You can walk to places that are very far away. Also, there is a sea in the sky. You can find a harbor within a short distance where you can get a boat. It's like calling a taxi. Just raising your hand at a harbor, then a boat will come in a minute. And, travel over every hill and sea in the clouds. If you listen to your heart, you can go to places that you haven't even imagined."

He keeps talking.
He says that he has to move slowly when he walks on thinner clouds. They are so slippery he has to watch carefully where he places his feet. He needs to remember to bring a change of clothes in case he descends from the clouds into a warmer climate. He doesn’t worry about the colder climates. Once he saw a gold, shiny dog running through the clouds. It is very difficult to get the ingredients for the cocktail, he confides. He needs an odd-shaped rock from the wilderness and a wood shingle blown by the wind from a house in a tropical country. The most important thing is to figure out the right date and time to make the cocktail.

He speaks so seriously that I am inclined to believe that his stories are true. But then I change my mind. Climbing into the clouds... He grins at me as if he is reading my mind. He swallows the liquid that remains inside in one large gulp and puts the glass back on the table. Then he tells me, "Let’s climb up into the clouds some other day. The wind is too strong tonight."

Windy nights always remind me of him. The cocktail in the shot glass and climbing into the clouds.

• • •






- Concept
"Shot Glass" is a collaboration work with Mexican Photographer Sarahi Caballero who lives in Tecate, Mexico, and its concept is making two stories through one theme "The Shot Glass". Because of the distance from Tokyo, to Tecate, it was not possible to study each cultural thing like history or nature. Also, it was impossible for us to take photographs of each place. So we decided to make each own story based on the same theme, but with a very common Mexican symbol for both Japan and Mexico.

In Japan, Mexico is well-known country but we know only a few things, the surface of Mexican cultures like delicious Mexican dishes, music, Lucha Libre, and the most famous thing "Tequila". This very simple way of thinking leads us to set "The Glass" as our theme. But I believe this theme has a great possibility to broaden our imagination. We enjoy it with friends, family, sometimes we have an augment and fight with the glass, maybe the glass is a sort of a symbol for our communication. The way of making the story is completely free, but we're trying to include Mexican things as elements of stories. The elements can be the protagonist, also as a background of the stories.

And we prepared 10 and 12 photos as a series for each story, on Tokyo side and Tecate side. Some photos explain the story directly, and some are not. But it tells you the atmosphere of the story and its visual emotions.

The format of the photo is Square. It has a meaning as a musical side. I would like to regard these photos as the artworks on the vinyl, as the visual soundtrack for each story. Actually at the exhbition in Tecate, I brouht some field recording files I recorded in Tokyo to Mexico, and mixed it with another field recordings in Tecate by Sarahi, and remixed it with some musicians in Tecate, René Arturo Crosthwaite and Daniel Reveles. We played it as BGM during the exhibition.

Also this project was supported by Irma Sofia Poeter, who is a great artist based on Tecate. She helped us in many ways, developping the ideas and prepared everything we need. I appreciate with her, thank you so much!

• • •

- コンセプト
”Shot Glass" はメキシコはテカテに住むフォトグラファー Sarahi Caballero とのコラボレーションであり、コンセプトは「ショットグラス」をテーマにそれぞれがストーリーを作る、というものであった。東京とテカテという地理的隔たりの中で、それぞれの文化や歴史などを深く知ることは非常に難しく、また、相手の土地の写真を撮るという事も不可能であった。そこで、メキシコと日本に共通するシンボルとして「ショットグラス(御猪口)」を選び、各々のストーリーを展開する事となった。日本において、メキシコは良く知られている国である一方、文化的にはあまり良く知られていない。メキシコ料理、音楽、プロレス、そして「テキーラ」は有名であるが、表面的な文化と言えるだろう。それにかこつけて「グラス」をテーマに選択することは非常に単純である一方、このテーマは想像力を働かせるにはもってこいだと判断した。「グラス」は家族や友人たちと、ある時は議論しつつ喧嘩をして楽しむ、コミュニケーションのシンボルともなり得る。ストーリーの作り方は全くの自由だが、メキシコ的な要素をお互いのストーリーに組み込むように努めた、それは主人公にもなり得るし、また背景にあるだけでも良い。

東京とテカテ、それぞれが 10-12 枚の写真をストーリーとして用意した。いくつかの写真はストーリーを直接的に説明し、またある時は感情的な情景を描写する。

写真フォーマットはスクエア、これは音楽的な要素を込めるためである。スクエア写真をレコード・ジャケット、願わくば各々のストーリーのサウンドトラック・ジャケットとして見なそうと考えた。実際、東京で録音した環境音とテカテで録音した環境音と混ぜ合わせ、現地ミュージシャンの René Arturo Crosthwaite、Daniel Revelesらとリミックスして新しいトラックを制作し、それを展示のBGMとして流したのである。

また、このプロジェクトはテカテをベースとするアーティスト、Irma Sofia Poeter の尽力によって実現した。彼女は多くの点において協力をして頂いた、この場を借り、改めて感謝の意を表したい。

- 2020/2/20

- Mix of 36"x35", 24"x24", 12"x12", 8"x8"
- Mounted on Foam Board

Collaboration with,


- Sarahi Caballero


- René Arturo Crosthwaite


- René Arturo Crosthwaite

- Daniel Reveles

Organized by

- Irma Sofia Poeter

Japanese-English Translation is supported by

- Robin Dahlberg

- Exhibited at "Shot Glass", Galería de la Ciudad ICBC Tecate, Tecate, MEXICO, 2020/2/20 - 5/20

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