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"Neko-Project", at Ibasho Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium

One of my photo from “The Long Goodbye” is going to be exhibit at a juried group exhibition “Neko-Project”, at Ibasho Gallery in Antwerpen, Belgium.

“Neko-Project” is organised by Sophie Cavaliero, focused on Cat photography by Japanese photographers. They are going to have other exhibitions in France, also publish its book with Iki Edition. The book "Neko-Project" and my book "Innuendo" is available at the gallery.

I’m so glad to be included in this project because I really love cats, and other animals. Despite of love to them, I’m allergic to them. So it’s my great pleasure to express my love to cat in this exhibition. Thank you so much Sophie, and Martijn at Ibasho gallery!

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- Address  Tolstraat 67, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

- Tell +32-0-32-16-20-28

- Email

Organised by

Curated by

Date - 2019/6/1 - 8/4

Public Hour

- Friday - Sunday : 14:00 - 18:00

- And by appointment, closed between shows


- 2019/6/1

Website - Neko-Project

Facebook Page - Neko-Project



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