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"Neko-Project", at Galerie ARGENTIC, Paris, France

My new series "The Cat Guest" is going to be exhibit at a juried group exhibition “Neko-Project”, at Galerie ARGENTIC in Paris, France.

“Neko-Project” is organised by Sophie Cavaliero, focused on Cat photography by Japanese photographers. They are going to have other exhibitions in France, also publish its book with Iki Edition. The book "Neko-Project" and my book "Innuendo" is available at the gallery.

My new work "The Cat Guest" is inspired by Japanese Novel "The Guist Cat" by Takashi Hiraide. I have a similar but different situation like the novel, so I made new story with my experience with my grand mother. I'm so glad to share my story with people in France. Thank you so much Sophie and Eric!

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- Address  43 Rue Daubenton 75005 Paris, France

- Tell +33-608-905-133

Organised by

Date - 2019/6/6 - 7/13 (Extended to 7/27)

Public Hour

- Tuesday - Saturday : 15:00 - 19:00


- 2019/6/6

Website - Neko-Project

Facebook Page - Neko-Project



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