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"Neko-Project" at Naïshin Gallery Lille, France

Instagram post from The Big Picture Colorado.


My work "Kill All Hippies".

My work "Seven Nations Army".

Some of my works from my photobook "From Another Room" have been exhibited  at "The BIG PICTURE Colorado", at The Temple in Denver, U.S.A. The exhibition has started from July 18, 2023 to until the photo would fall down from the wall. This is the third time to participate in this project since I visited Denver. Really nice project, thank you so much Mark Sink!

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7月18日からアメリカ、デンバーでスタートした屋外写真展示 "The BIG PICTURE Colorado" にて、写真集 "From Another Room" から数点が展示されています。デンバーを訪れてから3度目の参加になるこの展示では、天候によって剥がれ落ちていく様も含めてのストリート展示になっています。

Exhibition Title

- “The BIG PICTURE Colorado”


- 2400 Curtis St, Denver, CO 80205, USA


- +1-720-236-6662


- 2023.7.18 - Undecided

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