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Solo Exhibition “power on, gain up, then play” at Roonee 247 fine arts, Tokyo, Japan

I'm so exited to announce that my solo exhibition is going. to be held at Roonee 247 fine arts in Tokyo, Japan, from August 15th to 27th. In this exhibition,

"My photo book, “From Another Room”, based on musical memories, was published in France in 2022. Then I remixed it for this exhibition. I’ve left the memories, and just “power on, gain up, then play”. In searching for desire and freedom, the theme “Enjoy Life” also lays down at the bottom of those."

please stop by when you come this way.


8月15日から27日まで、Roonee 247 fine arts にて個展 "power on, gain up, then play" を開催致します。

"2022年にフランスで出版された、音楽の記憶をベースにした写真集 “From Another Room” をリミックス。その記憶から離れ、「パワーをオン、ゲインをアップ、そしてプレイ」する。そのアクションの奥底にある “Enjoy Life” という欲求と自由を求めて。"


Exhibition Title

- "power on, gain up, then play"



- Kodenma-Cho 17-9 Sato Bldg 4F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0001, JAPAN

- +81-3-6661-2276

- 〒103-0001 東京都中央区日本橋小伝馬町17-9 さとうビルB館4F

- 03-6661-2276


- +81-3-6661-2276

Date - 2023.8.15 - 8.27


- Tuesday - Saturday

12:00 - 19:00

- 2023.8.27 Sunday

12:00 - 16:00

- Monday


Facebook Page - Roonee 247 fine arts



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