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New Photo Book as a pair book with Olivier Desrousseaux in 2022

It's always pleasant to announce publishing a new book. I'm going to publish my new book in 2022, as a pair book for “My Favorite Things” by Olivier Desrousseaux, from iKi Editions in France, also produced by Sophie Cavaliero and Valérie Douniaux. This pair book project focuses on Music and Photographs, also French-Japanese collaboration. It's so honor to be chosen for this project. Olivier has focused on Jazz songs, so I'm thinking that I would play with other genres. Anyway, I have to start to work on it with the joy of music and photos, thanks!

来年、フランスの iKi Editions から写真集を出す事になりました。フランス人写真家 Olivier Desrousseaux による “My Favorite Things” に対するペア・ブック&日仏交流コラボというプロジェクトで、音楽と写真にフォーカスを当てた写真集になる予定です。既に Olivier の写真集は発売開始しており、Jazz の名曲とマッチさせた作品集となってます。

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