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Curated by Kio Griffith

My work "Simple Things"

Other artists' works


Supported by The Japan Foundation

I showed my new work "Simple Things" at Group Show "AVANT}{GARDEN" curated by Kio Griffith, presented by [TYPE],  at ARENA 1, Santa Monica Art Studios in Santa Monica, U.S.A., from 17th April to 6th May. The all artists were Japanese who live in Japan or U.S.A.

“AVANT}{GARDEN” is part two of a two-part exhibition presented by [TYPE] at Arena 1 Gallery featuring emerging and mid-career artists. The exporation follows each artist’s creation to the observation cliff with a full view of the contemporary art garden. Beginning April 17th, each selected work in this exhibition will be carefully planted daily in a section of the gallery. As the view will change throughout the duration, repeat visits are suggested.



Exhibition Title



Curated by

Kio Griffith


Presented by


Supported by

The Japan Foundation

Featuring Artists
Kyoko Enokitani     榎谷杏子

Caori Fujita             藤田薫

Jun Ishikura             石倉潤

Dai Ito                      伊藤大

Sie Kasahara            笠原しい

Fumika Kurita          栗田ふみか

Chihiro Minato         港千尋

Nobuki Mizumoto    水本伸樹

Hiroaki Morita

Yusuke Nishii           西井佑助

Takuma Nishiya       西谷拓磨

Toshi Onuki

Satoshi Saegusa        三枝聡

Gou Shibata

Akira Shikiya           志喜屋徹

Yukiko Sugiyama     杉山有希子

Yoko Takamiya        高宮洋子

Mayo Takanashi       高梨真世

Mari Yamaguchi       山口茉莉


ARENA 1, Santa Monica Art Studios

- Address     3026 Airport Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90405, U.S.A.

- Tell            +1-310-397-7456
- Mail 


- 2017/4/17 - 5/6

Public Hours
- Wed - Sat

- 12:00 - 18:00

Opening Night Party

- 2017/4/22 Sat

- 19:00 - 22:00


- Arena 1 Gallery


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