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2022 One Square Foot Art Anonymous Sale, by Redline Contemporary Art Center, Denver, Colorado

My 8 works shown at "The Big Picture, Colorado" are now on sale at charity auction for RedLine Contemporary Art Center's program "REACH". "REACH" is the program for supporting artists who may be in recovery, unhoused, or experiencing severe financial hardship to create within an inclusive community that provides supplies, guidance, and artistic opportunities. I hope it would be some help for who need. The prints are 12" x 12" with wheat paste mage on thin paper, without signature & editions. Looks so good!

Thank you Mark Sink for this opportunity! ------------------

"The Big Picture, Colorado" にて展示中の作品から8つの作品が、Redline Contemporary Center 主催のオークション・プログラム "2022 One Square Foot Art Anonymous Sale" にて出品中です。このプログラムの売上は、経済的に厳しい環境やホームレスになってしまったアーティストを支援するプロジェクト "REACH" に寄付されます。必要な人に対して、少しでも役に立てればと思います。プリントは 12 x 12 インチ、サイン&エディション無しです。


Event Title

Venue (Online)


- 2400 Curtis St, Denver, CO 80205, USA


- +1-720-236-6662

Date - 2022.6.1 - 6.8


- All time until the end

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