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Exhibition "0+1/2" at HS-LAB

As following last post, here is the information about exhibition of my work at HS-LAB in MAT, in Hiroshima.

It starts from 27th November to 26th December 2015, and also a part of the art festival MAT (Mihara Arte en el Templo in Hiroshima). I participated in MAT last year. In this year, there are exhibition of my new work and Hiroshi Shimamura, also Juan Cardosa who is a designer and collage artist in Barcelona, Spain. If you were there during the exhibition, please visit and enjoy it! Infomation

Exhibion "zero - 0"

Artists - Dai Ito

- "0+1/2"

- Photograph / Tokyo, Japan

- Hiroshi Shimamura

- "0+1/2"

- Painting / Mihara, Japan

- Juan Cardosa

- "Only the Children Were Saved"

- Collage / Barcelona, Spain



Cinepatio 2F, 1-7-16 Minato-Machi, Mihara, Hiroshima, Japan


27th November - 26th December 2015

11:00〜18:00 / During MAT (10:00〜18:00)

Links on Facebook - Workshop, HS-LAB and MAT.


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